The Committee
The Gilwell Pipe Band
Happiness is 'Having A Hat'
Time to Catch up with Old Friends and make new ones
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The Arrival ... this time on Ebor Park
Meet the neighbours for the weekend, who have also just arrived.
Time to unpack and set up
The neighbours do the same
It's the same scene all over the both fields as the Contingents set up their marquees.
There's room of unroll the canvas
The neighbour's marquee is substantially  smaller so finish first.
(..that's my story and I'm sticking to it).
Teamwork makes the whole operation easy.
A little more perseverance and work and now both marquees are up.
The Kekedowigamig is on the "Main" Field and it is in front of this building that most ceremonies are normally held.  It is the backdrop to most pictures of the Committee.
The Reunion is often the only place we see them or that they see each other
American Scouters are hosted by Canadian Contingents and come from many different States.
The American Scouters are easy to spot since most wear their uniform for the duration of the camp.  We are happy to see them return year after year.
Is this a "special" greeting... or are they tracking a bug??